New Intros

New intros 2019

44 Let’s Do Some More –  height 32, bloom 6, Tet, season M, SE,   Pod and pollen fertile.  Blessed Art Thou x Highland Pinched Fingers

$ 75 double fan

44 Lets Do Some More


Pele’s Fiery Cauldron  –   height 33, bloom 6, Dip, season M, SE,   Pod and pollen fertile.  Trahlyta x  Black Plush,  medium range orange red with a dark eye

$ 75 double fan

Peles Fiery Cauldron


New intros 2018

Be Brave  –  All proceeds will go to support of DSRCT research –  desmoplastic small round cell tumor.  Height: 28 inches (71.12 cm), Diameter: 6 inches (15.24 cm), EM, Dor, Dip,  parentage unknown.  Smoky red    Pod and pollen fertile.

$ 25 double fan

Be Brave



43 You and Me  Height: 45 inches (114.3 cm), 7 inches (17.78 cm), EM, Dip, SEV,  Unusual Form Crispate, bud builder.    Pod and pollen fertile.  Orchid with two tone purple eye.


J and S 39th Anniversary  Height: 48 inches (121.92 cm), Diameter: 9 inches (22.86 cm), M, SEV, Tet, Parentage: (unknown x unknown), Unusual Form Crispate , pinkish red with red eye and yellow throat

$ 50 double fan

New intros 2017

41 and Counting  height 40 in.(102 cm), bloom 6.5 in.(17 cm), season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid,  Orange with yellow throat.  Pod and pollen fertile.  ((Monster × sdlg) × Sky Captain)  

$ 50 double fan


42 Skidoo  height 40 in.(102 cm), bloom 7 in.(18 cm), season M, Evergreen, Diploid,  Red with yellow throat. ((Trahlyta × Black Plush) × John Sheehan)

$ 60 double fan


Cecilia’s Crescendo   height 30 in.(76 cm), bloom 6.5 in.(17 cm), season MLa, Dormant, Diploid,  Red with yellow throat, produces short stolons at a controllable rate.  Clump size increases quickly.    Pod and pollen fertile.  ((Wild One × Autumn Minaret) × John Sheehan)

$ 50 double fan


Silent Sentinel   height 36 in.(91 cm), bloom 7 in.(18 cm), season EM, Dormant, Diploid, Unusual Form Crispate,  White or pale lavender with purple eye and yellow green throat.    Pod and pollen fertile.  (Smoke Scream × (Desert Icicle × Autumn Minaret)) 

$ 60 double fan


New intros 2016

Godzilla’s Winsome Atomic Smile  44, 8, M, SE, Tet, melon self,    Pod and pollen fertile. (Highland Pinched Fingers × Colberg Preview) × Webster’s Pink Wonder

$ 65 double fan

Godzilla's Winsome Atomic Smile 900

Lavender Minaret   59, 4, ML, SE, Dip, UF, Lavender with yellow throat, (Grapeade × Autumn Minaret)

$ 40 double fan

Lavender Minaret 900

Navigator`s Light   46, 6.5, ML, D, Dip, UF, lavender with purple eye and yellow throat , (Cerulean Star × Smoke Scream)

$ 40 double fan

Navigator`s Light 900

Predictably Twisted   35, 7, ML, SE, Dip, UF, reddish purple with yellow throat, Bark at Me × Autumn Minaret

$ 40 double fan

Predictably Twisted 900

Red At Singularity  56, 7, ML, SE, Dip, red with yellow throat, Ouachita Beauty × Droopy Drawers

$ 40 double fan

Red at Singularity 900

The Big Four Oh   28, 7, M, SE, Tet, orange with yellow throat , Freak Show × Coleman Hawkins

$ 40 double fan

The Big Four Oh 900

Vera`s Verse 45, 6, M, SE, Dip, UF, purple with dark purple chevron, yellow throat , Carmine Ibis × Fol De Rol.  Named for our granddaughter.

Held for Increase

Vera`s Verse 900

X Marks the Spot   35, 4, EM, SE, Dip, UF, variable gray purple with dark eyezone, reverse bitone, yellow green throat , Talon × Eggplant Ecstasy

$ 50 double fan

X Marks the Spot 900