Here at our garden open form stars, spiders, and unusual forms seem to be in fashion at the moment.  Though we tend to grow a little of every thing that will fit.

Some Tets, some Dips, some old and some new, and even a few with ruffled edges.

Even the oldest daylilys have something new inside, if we take the time to look.

This is a backyard hybridizing garden.  The vegetable garden lost out to the daylilies.  And the lawn is in constant danger of following the veggies.   That might not be such a bad thing.

The garden space is crowded and that is okay.  Space the final frontier… even here on earth, in the garden.  This particular frontier is located in Cleveland Ohio, somewhere between that Erie lake and Hopkins airport.  So far the runway expansion has not got us yet.

Happy gardening !

John Hric