A North East Ohio Garden

This is our backyard hybridizing garden.   It is a collection of seedlings, old and new registered plants and some dreams. I like to explore what some might call older genetics. I don’t think of them that way. I find that plants genetically closer to the species plants often have traits that have in one way or another been by passed by many of the modern cultivars. I work with both tetraploids and diploids. My collection of plants is somewhat eclectic. There are several plants from the early years of spiders and unusual form. There are a few tet conversions. And some plants from more recent history that have worked their way into the garden and my program. There are even a few things with patterns. And as long as the cross makes sense to me I will make it just to see what happens.


Author: John Hric

a gardener in north east ohio. Mostly organic, I used to have a vegetable garden. Now except for the raspberries it is mostly flower garden. And more and more that is becoming mostly daylilies. With a sprinkling of other things here and there.

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